Eligibility Requirements

• Applicants must be certified and employed as a teacher in his or her home country, or country of legal residence.
• Applicants must have at least two (2) years of full time, post-degree classroom teaching experience as a teacher in a primary or secondary school, within the past 8 years. Experience obtained prior to acquiring a Bachelor’s Degree will not be considered.
• Applicants must have a degree equivalent to a Bachelor's Degree in Education in the USA and a Bachelor’s Degree in the subject field in which they intend to teach.
• Applicants must have proficient to native level English fluency - orally and in written language.
• Applicants must meet the necessary qualifications for teaching in primary or secondary schools within their home country.
• Applicants must satisfy all teaching eligibility standards, including any necessary certification and/or criminal background checks required in the U.S. state in which they intend to teach.
• Applicants must be of good reputation and moral character. Your character references will assist us in determining this.

The U.S. teaching job application process is as follows: 

1. We review your resume. You inform us your intended start date and duration of teaching, and any preferences. 
2. We revise your resume, interview you on Skype, and help improve your resume and interview skill -- We need to meet you in person or on Skype in order to represent you to the potential employers. 
3. We match you with one or more schools in the United States -- We will personally talk to the school officials about you so that you will receive top priority and attention among hundreds of other applicants.
4. The schools will interview you either on Skype or by phone. 
5. (Optional) After you have passed the interview and accepted the job offer, we will help you with your J-1 visa process from start to finish. 
6. (Optional) Before your arrival in the United States, we will assist you in finding an accommodation nearby the teaching workplace. 


- What is the salary offered? 
From $51,000 to $200,000 per year. 

- Can spouse work legally? 
Spouse can work only after receiving a work permit. In most cases a J-2 Visa holder can seek employment. To work, a J-2 Visa holder must obtain an Employment Authorization Document from the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Money earned by a J-2 cannot be used to support the principal J-1 Visa holder. 

- Can dependent children accompany what is the age limit? 
Under 21 years old and NOT married. 

- Which subjects and what grades are in demand? 
All subjects and grades. 

- What is the basic qualification required? 
Bachelor's degree (4 Years) and 2 years of full-time teaching experience.

- Do they have to qualify IELTS, TOEFL, PTE or Duolingo if so, what is the minimum score? 
Teachers have to pass 2 English tests provided by us. 
1. EF Standard English Test (50-mn with certificate)
2. ITEP Test 

- Do they have to qualify any certifications in USA? 

- What is the maximum age limit we can hire? 
No age limit. 

- How many years of experience teacher should have? 
2 years and above 

- How many months it will take to get them to USA? Job placement and job interviews 
 6 months for job placement J-1 work visa = 1 month 

- These positions are for which schools? 
For private, public (government), and charter schools. 

- How many years the J-1 work Visa is stamped and can they be eligible for Permanent Residents? 
J-1 teaching visa is good for a total of 5 years. They can apply for permanent residency if their schools want to sponsor their H-1B visa. 

- When is the usual hiring intakes is there specific months to join? 
All J-1 visa teachers must start teaching in July/August for each academic year (not earlier and not later than July/August).

- What’s the initial settlement funds the teacher has to bring?
Teachers need to pay for apartment rent (1st month + one-month deposit). They also need to pay for transportation to/from schools. So, they should bring $3,000 initially. After one month, they will receive a monthly salary to cover all their expenses.

Education Qualifications

Bachelor's Degree plus B.Ed or Masters

Subjects that are in demand are listed below.

  • Primary
  • Social Studies
  • English
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Special Education
  • Montessori
  • Health and Physical Education
  • ICT

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